Tidings | A Masterful $2.5 Million Dollar Rare-Book Heist Stuns Community

In an unprecedented incident, a group of unknown thieves rappelled down into a specially secured warehouse in Feltham, Middlesex in the early hours of January 30th and made off with 160 rare texts that were being guarded at the facility ...
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Tidings | Falling Celestial Objects Observed Shifting Directions

As bizarre as it sounds, videos have been surfacing recently which show meteor-like objects clearly adjusting their course as they move towards the Earth ...
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Saudi Arabia Mystery Gates, MineTheHive, Mysterious Structures

Tidings | Collected Madness for October 2017

October has been a hectic month when it comes to outrageous or downright baffling occurrences, and though we can’t cover them all, we’ll still knockout a handful in this month’s Collected Madness ...
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MineTheHive, September, Madness, Mystery

Tidings | Collected Madness for September 2017

September has brought a mess of outrageous events, some of which we’ll attempt to cover in this month’s Collected Madness ...
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MineTheHive, Red River, Mystery

Tidings | Another River Turns Blood Red in Sumatra, Indonesia

As part of a bizarre trend, a number of rivers all over the world have suddenly been turning blood red. And this time, it was the Bah Bolon river in Sumatra, Indonesia that underwent this baffling transformation ...
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April, MineTheHive, Tidings, April Blitz, Cows killed by lightning

Tidings | Collected Madness for April 2017

Here, for April 2017, is our monthly blitz of some of the most fascinating, crucial, and downright strange happenings that we didn’t get around to covering. Enjoy ...
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Gold, Gold Spirals, Denmark, MineTheHive, Enigma, ancient,

Tidings | 2,000 Mysterious Pure-Gold Spirals Found in Denmark

Boeslunde, Denmark has been an archaeological hotbed for sometime, particularly in regards to the excessive amount of golden artifacts that have been found there. Yet, this most recent find seems to be proving itself as the most fascinating and enigmatic discovery so-far from the region ...
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MineTheHive, Blood, Medical, Discovery

Tidings | Blood Discovered being Created in Lungs

While blood was previously thought to be created almost exclusively in bone marrow, a new study has completely overthrown that understanding ...
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A representation of a Neanderthal skull

Tidings | Discovery Shows Penicillin Was Being Used 40,000 Years Ago

A stunning discovery has shown that neanderthals were somehow utilizing Penicillin 40,000 years before its discovery, baffling the conventional understanding that took neanderthals as having a far simpler lifestyle ...
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