Marvel | Perplexing Feats of Engineering from the Oldest Human Civilizations

Have you ever tried to break apart an interesting looking rock? Personally, I remember attempting this on multiple occasions during my early years after coming across certain curious rocks that looked to be made of many different, eye-catching components. These sorts of “rocks”, as I ...
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Consider | A Planet that Requires us to Question Our Understanding of the Cosmos

A planet has just been discovered which, by our current understanding of the cosmos, should not be able to exist ...
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Consider | Nabta Playa: One of the Oldest and Most Baffling Sites in Egypt

Located in the Nubian desert, far south of Cairo, is a bizarre ruin that’s come to be known as the Calendar of Nabta Playa ...
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Consider | What’s Wrong with Gravity: Episode 2 [infographic]

[Editor’s Note: It’s recommended that such images are saved then viewed for increased clarity] ...
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Consider│A Planet with a Million Year Orbit

Astronomers the world over are drawing shaky breaths and wearing away their teeth thanks to a realization by a multi-national team which shows that planet 2MASS J2126−8140, previously believed to be rogue, is in fact orbiting a well-known star in an orbital period that takes ...
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Consider │ A Look at Comets [Part 1 of 3]

For thousands of years, comets have been seen as mighty harbingers, and as such, their role in our reality has always been respected as having profound importance. These days, however, a few placeholder theories have caused a rather dramatic fall in the significance of these ...
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Consider | The Phenomena Known as Crater Chains

Found all throughout our solar system, crater chains exist as both abundant and remarkable occurrences that the conventional model of space has no rational explanation for. Which is why, in this episode of Consider, we’ll take a step outside of the box to see just ...
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