MineTheHive, Writings






The writings you'll find here will typically pertain to current events as well as news regarding the latest discoveries or scientific advancements




This is an area where certain commonly accepted aspects of our world—like the nature of stars or the intelligence of insects—are brought to attention by showcasing one or more illogical or fallacious components which most people tend to be unaware of despite the fact that their existence may demand a remodeled or entirely new understanding of these important aspects of our reality






The Restoration area focuses on aspects of our history that are poorly, incorrectly, or not at all known of or understood by the general populace, and it typically does this with long-form or multi-part style articles




An exploration of relics and ruins that seemingly have come to us from a period before or outside of known history. This is a very contentious area of thought, so it's suggested that you approach what you'll find here with an open and speculative mind or not at all