Tidings | Falling Celestial Objects Observed Shifting Directions

Tidings | Falling Celestial Objects Observed Shifting Directions

As bizarre as it sounds, videos have been surfacing recently which show meteor-like objects clearly adjusting their course as they move towards the Earth

What the significance is behind this phenomenon is certainly unknown, as we’ve yet to see any satisfactory explanations offered at this time which move beyond calling the sightings “alien ships”. Yet, as it’s important to note, by no means does this appear to be any form of hoax. In the second video we’ve featured below, for instance, the creator appears to have no knowledge of the incredible phenomenon he filmed—and it’s likely that he still doesn’t.

Whatever is being filmed clearly seems to showcase a level of consciousness. However, this type of phenomenon doesn’t seem to have any major precedent in UFO sightings or general sky phenomenon.

In the video above, begin at 1:44 and focus on the object that then travels from the right side of the screen to the left

We’ll certainly be looking into this phenomenon more, and as we discover more information about it, we’ll include that information in this article. Also, it is of course possible that this has been happening for some time and only recently been filmed. And, if you happen to have, or know of, video of such a sighting, we’d appreciate it if you sent it to us. Though, for the mean time, below are some discussion from sky-watchers who’ve viewed similar occurrences.




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