Primeval | The Object Depicted Throughout the World in the Hands of Gods

Primeval | The Object Depicted Throughout the World in the Hands of Gods

In the artwork of the ancient world, the gods or so-called “bringers of knowledge”, an often deified group of people who arrived at the dawn of this age to teach and share their secrets, can often be seen depicted holding the same object.

When civilizations throughout the ancient world depict the same odd, mundane-looking object in the hands of the figures that they call gods or the bringers of knowledge, it would seem to suggest that they had contact with each other or that they had all witnessed the same thing that they then depicted.  Yet, the contemporary view of the world denies both of these possibilities; it would say that there was no group of gods that traveled throughout the world, and it would say that there was no ancient civilization that reached every continent. But what, then, should be made of these similarities?

A handbag, a tool, or a symbolic depiction of some form of storage device; whatever the case, this same icon repeats itself throughout the ruins of the ancient world. Its presence is synonymous with beings that are beyond normal humans, beings that are often considered to be divine or incredible individuals that arrive to share their knowledge.

The notion that this icon is nothing more than a rudimentary storage bag would seem to collapse when one attempts to consider why so many ancient peoples would prevalently include a standard utility object in the hands of these often deified figures. For one thing, it isn’t depicted as a very large object; if it really was a base storage device you’d expect it to be a little more capable, something that could carry more than a few handfuls of berries. As well, the bags are often depicted covered with intricate designs and writing—far from what you’d expect on a standard utility bag. Another aspect to note, and perhaps most importantly, is the fact that they’re generally depicted alongside other art where every other object seen is known to be very significant and symbolic.

But beside their true nature or function, the most enigmatic aspect of these objects is simply their prevalence throughout the artwork of the ancient world.

As seen here in Indonesia
In the americas
In Turkey over 10,000 years ago
In the mysterious Hittite culture
In Popol Vuh
In mesopotamia
In Hindu art

The what and why behind this object remains a mystery, though its significance to ancient cultures should seem undeniable. But what may be more important, for the time being, is its presence throughout the ancient world in a way that would seem to suggest a considerable connection between civilizations stretched vastly apart in time and space—which, as it stands in our current accepted history, is a level of interaction/connection that could not have taken place.

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