Primeval | The Confusing Rust-Resistant Pillar at Delhi

Primeval | The Confusing Rust-Resistant Pillar at Delhi

As is the fate of metal, rust will eventually consume it. It’s not a material that’s made to last, and modern engineers understand that it’s incredibly susceptible to the force of rust. Any structures created from it are doomed to be eaten away.

Yet, that’s somehow not the case for an enigmatic, 13,000 lb iron pillar in Delhi, India.

MineTheHive, Primeval

This pillar was thought to have been erected at least 1600 years ago, though its true age still remains a subject of contention. But what isn’t debated is the incredible fact that this enormous iron pillar seems to be relatively impervious to the effects of rust. Any examination of the pillar shows that it doesn’t seem to be succumbing to the crippling effects of rust like any other construction of iron would. It actually doesn’t seem to be suffering at all, which is far from what’s expected from a solid iron pillar that’s conservatively dated to be at least 1600 years old.

MineTheHive, Primeval

Modern analysis suggests that the pillar was created through some incredible form of craftsmanship that allows for its stunning resistance to the corrosion of rust; a technique which still seems to be out of reach of modern day metallurgists.

How the ancient Indian people were able to achieve such a feat still remains a mystery. However, modern theorists believe that it had to be luck that they happened upon a formation of iron which resulted in such a superb specimen all the way through. But it does seem rather unlikely that this entire pillar of ornate iron would accidentally be the perfect composition to resist corrosion over the centuries. It seems far more reasonable that the ancient Hindu people, who were already known to be some of the most advanced in the world, may have actually known what they were doing as they created this marvel.



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  1. I read somewhere that the lack of oxydation isn’t the only mystery with this pillar. It appears to be cast-iron, from a single mold, and if that is true, it is by far the largest cast iron object ever made. Current techniques could not replicate it because of its size, much less its rust resistance.

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