Tidings | Another River Turns Blood Red in Sumatra, Indonesia

Tidings | Another River Turns Blood Red in Sumatra, Indonesia

As part of a bizarre trend, a number of rivers all over the world have suddenly been turning blood red. And this time, it was the Bah Bolon river in Sumatra, Indonesia that underwent this baffling transformation.

To the horror of the people in Sumatra, they awoke to find that one of their local rivers, the Bah Bolon, had shifted to a uniform shade of red. The odd change had happened dramatically and remained consistent for an extended period of time. Long enough, even, for people throughout the surrounding region to arrive and view this unsettling spectacle.

Although, for these local individuals, unsettling might be the softest term they’d use to describe this event.

Theories on the lighter end range from a horrific degree of toxic chemical dumping having took place, to the river’s ecosystem being so dangerously unbalanced that it couldn’t control a runaway bloom of microorganisms. On the darker end, some have naturally leaped to conclusions regarding religious signs like, “the rivers running red”, to justify beliefs about radical earth changes taking place.

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Credit: Rodrigo Lopez

However, some of the region’s poorly regulated industrial companies still seem to have become the most likely culprits in the minds of the natives, as it’s no question to anyone in the local area that said companies callously dump whatever they please into their surrounding environment without any worry of repercussion.

Yet this still seems to be a partial explanation, at best, for what can be seen in photos and videos.

Due to the consistency of the water’s odd color, the easiest explanation would seem to be that this is the result of a microorganism. Which still could be the result of chemical dumping, or really, a number of other things that might have triggered such a bloom.

Credit: Rodrigo Lopez

But the strangest aspect of this event truly lies in the fact that it has happened numerous times in recent years in locations throughout the world. Here’s just some of the sites that brief search turned up.

-2016 the massive Daldykan river in Siberia

-2013 a Slovakian town Myjava

-2013 Nootdorp, the Netherlands

-2012 Beirut river, Lebanon

-2016 Sydney beach, Australia

-2012 Bondi beach, Australia

-2014 Zhejiang Province, China

There’s many more sites that have seen this phenomenon take place. So if you’re interested, please research these events to try and grasp the full scope of this odd situation.

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