Tidings | Collected Madness for April 2017

Tidings | Collected Madness for April 2017

Here, for April 2017, is our monthly blitz of some of the most fascinating, crucial, and downright strange happenings that we didn’t get around to covering. Enjoy.

32 Cows Struck Dead by a Single Bolt of Lightning

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Credit: King5.om

A single bolt of lightning is apparently the culprit for the 32 cows who suddenly died in Missouri near the end of April. Their farmer witnessed a loud flash then later discovered the animals dead on the other side of a hill.

This occurrence, though clearly bizarre, has been somewhat lessened by other recent, freak electrical events such as 323 reindeer being killed under similar circumstances in Norway last August. As well as two herds of cattle that same month, 19 and 21 strong, also succumbing all-at-once to a sudden, vicious electrical strike.

When asked about why and how this is happening, John Jensenius, a lightning safety expert from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said that it is possible for lightning to travel through the ground and effect animals this way over hundreds of feet. Yet, this begs the question as to why this never seems to have happened to humans—at least as far as we here know—who are far more susceptible to lightning and cluster en masse all over the world in similar locations and under similar conditions.

Negative Mass Material Created for the First Time in Lab

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Isaac Newton

Published in The Physical Review Letters, researchers have apparently created material with negative mass in a lab, something which was postulated to be a legitimate possibility that doesn’t defy our current understanding of physics back in 2014. Now, the idea of “negative mass” has apparently moved much closer to being accepted as an accepted part of our reality.

In general, if you push towards an object, the object moves away from you. With an object of negative mass, if you push towards it, it comes towards you.

A Very Uncharacteristic Fireball was seen Traveling over Mexico

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freeze-frame from a video of the event

A thoroughly bizarre fireball was witnessed by a large number of people making its way through the skies of Mexico. Amongst other anomalies, the fireball lasted for an incredibly long time as it made its way, as opposed to burning out in a very brief rise and fall of light as such objects are expected to do.

A Well-Documented 146 year-old Indonesian Man has Died

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Credit: EPA

The man, known as Mbah Ghoto, was apparently born in 1870 according to his birth papers which have been validated. Interviews and accounts by friends and family have also helped to validate his story. In short, those who have looked over his case have given credit to the authenticity of his story.

However, Indonesia only started keeping its more modern form of birth records starting at 1900, and because of this, its unlikely he’ll ever be credited with having an extraordinarily long life. Though, it’s important to note, the man never seemed to have any interest in his exceptionally long life or telling of it, instead his interests fell on doing what he could to educate the community around him and entertaining his community with stories of the past when the occasion called for it.

Considered a hero by the locals, Ghoto credited his long life to patience. Curiously enough, Ghoto was a life-long heavy smoker.

A Massive Lake of Molten Carbon the Size of Mexico was Supposedly Just Discovered Under the US

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Credit: Royal Holloway University

This carbon lake, in the form of carbonate, is said to sit 217 miles beneath the surface. Using an array of over 500 sub-sensors and what we know of deep-earth geology, and how our sensors data returns to us, this new understanding has come to be.

Theories as to how this may have happened primarily include the idea of subducting plates.

Look to the host of the new findings for more details.

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