Tidings | Blood Discovered being Created in Lungs

Tidings | Blood Discovered being Created in Lungs

While blood was previously thought to be created almost exclusively in bone marrow, a new study has completely overthrown that understanding.

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credit: New Scientific Discovery

A recent study published in Nature has revealed that the majority of blood production actually takes place within the lungs. This shocking discovery stands against the long held understanding that bone marrow plays the most substantial role in the production of blood for our bodies.

A team of scientists working at UC San Francisco were able to take advantage of some of the latest advancements in video microscopy to examine the lungs of a living mouse in so-far unprecedented detail in order to reveal the process of blood creation taking place.

The team also was able to observe the primary blood creation components, Megakaryocytes, originating from bone marrow and migrating to the lungs, as well as moving from the lungs to the bone marrow when a deficiency arose in the bone marrow: in order to compensate for said deficiency.

This groundbreaking find will certainly spark a new wave of research into one of the most crucial aspects of our existence, and it should be fascinating to see what future research comes to find.

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