Restoration | A Giant Riddle [intro]

Restoration | A Giant Riddle [intro]

The notion of giants is a pervasive element in world culture. In this series, we’ll explore why that is, and if there’s any truth to one of the most popular claims.

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[editor’s note: this is just an introduction to a long series. If you’re not interested in this overview context, please scroll to the bottom to find a link or look to the Restoration page to find a link to the main content.]

Growing up, the thought of giants was always a playful story element that I enjoyed in books and movies. Despite the fact that they’re a deeply ingrained part of all world cultures, I never gave a second thought to there being any truth behind their existence. Perhaps it was because they were so ever-present, an almost worn-out trope in myth and fantasy culture, that they existed beyond or behind scrutiny.

Regardless, as I grew older and began taking an ever-greater interest in ancient history, archaeology, and mythology, I found myself growing more open to beliefs and understandings that I would have previously sneered at. And the more I dug and obsessed, the more I found my previous ultra-skeptic self fading away.

But through all the countless articles and books and lectures that I soaked in, a belief in the past existence of giants was still never truly broached in my mind. I ran into them all the time in religious texts and fringe lectures, though I always seemed to glaze over when bits of evidence would pass before me.

Yet, that all abruptly changed about two and a half years ago when a friend raised the topic and, seeing my apprehension, proceeded to pull up a series of stories on anomalous remains found throughout the world. Having come across a number of these stories before, I was immediately critical; because if you’re even somewhat familiar with such things, you know that the problem with these giant remains that are supposedly discovered every now and then is that none still exist today–at least not within reach of the public. They all mysteriously vanish after causing some commotion in the communities near their discovery, then after some time, its deemed by some reputable figure that they were surely fakes, and like a fungal infection, the whole story begins to rot further and further into disbelief with each passing year: leaving us today with just worrisome scraps of hearsay to try and stand on.

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Though what my friend had was different, at least for me. I couldn’t poke holes in most of what he was presenting me, and suddenly the tide turned. My aggressive denial left, and in turn, I became curious about the truth behind what I was seeing. I still didn’t fully believe it, but from then on, it was a feasible possibility. And as I did my usual research, I began compiling what I’d come across regarding the giant phenomena, occasionally pursuing certain things, but always keeping an accepting eye out for any related content.

So, as you may have guessed, over that time my little archive has grown, and this series is being made to exhume it as well as to bring to light as many other pertinent bits of info related to this mystery that we here can find. And in that light, we hope that you enjoy, or at least properly consider, what we put forth. This will be a long running series, as this happens to be such a pervasive topic, but eventually it will all be compiled and cleaned.


PART 1 – Footprints

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